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Friday, May 8, 2009

Dress Your Age

Finally to add a bit of a personal touch to my blog. Now I understand that fashion is something that eludes alot of people, even myself at times, but when you turn about 23 it's time to look into it a little bit. Even I, at one time, liked to be hip and on top of the latest fashions the zombie-tube displayed for me. Now this is going to be a bit hard for me to say because I produce hip-hop music and a lot of this is supposed to be a part of our culture but, just a disclaimer for everyone out there...Soulja Boy is 17-18 years old. He's still in highschool. He can get away with it.

You're have a're out of school...YOU ARE NOT A GANGSTA.

So I'm going to give some of the over 23 crowd a few tips as to what NOT to do in order to look like you're a 23 year old citizen of society instead of a 16 year old bubblegum rap fanboy.

First of all, and I know this will hurt a lot of guys feelings, but more baseball caps.
Honestly. You've never played baseball and you probably won't. And if you do play professional baseball you probably don't need to wear a cap to "pull bitches".

Step 2. Speaking of sports don't wear fucking jerseys and basketball shorts unless you're going to go play basketball, or you're returning from having played basketball. If so, please return to your home of residence, promptly shower and put on some real clothes, then continue about your day.

Step 3. No more baggy polos. Now it's not too bad if you can pull it off, but fitted polos look like you're over 20. Also Polo shirts were made to look casual and show off muscle. I'm not saying wear a spandex shirt with a collar...I'm just saying wear it so it fits to show off yur physique. It's much better than a muscle shirt while still showing off the body you spent hours at the gym and slugging protein shakes for. Why do all that work and not get a chance to show it off...properly.

Speaking of which...If I see one more guy in the club with a fucking tanktop on. I'm going to shoot him. I'm going to shoot him right in his fucking face...with a shotgun. Then I'm going to beat him to a bloody pulp...with the shotgun. I hate that shit. First of all we're in the club so I understand it if you're a bit sweaty...but I don't wanna feel your sweaty fucking arm grazing across my anything. So fuck you clubnight tanktop wearer...I hope you die.

So...umm. yea. Number 4 right. The popped-collar douche.

I know this topic has been touched many times by many people but I just mentioned polos so it must be restated. Don't pop your fucking collar...the end.

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