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Monday, April 27, 2009

My 3 favorite Anime series.

I'm not a huge anime fan but I do have a few anime series that I love to watch, and to day I'm going to share three of them with you.

Lupin The Third

This anime series is about a world reknown thief named Lupin the third and his gang of thievesas they go on adventures stealing things and escaping from Interpol Dectetive Zenigata. I personally like thieves so this series is especially fun to watch. The main reason is because it's so insanely comical. Also I mean I don't know what decade the Japanese people who made this series were basing the characters on but a cool white guy with chops is Awesome. Lupin the Third just always seems like a complete idiot that's in over his head until the end when you realize that he pulled a fast one on everybody, even his own teammates at times. The main characters are: Lupin the Third, the third family member in a series of world reknown thieves. Jigen, Lupin's weaponssmith, he is a master at anything that fires projectiles which I guess comes in handy when stealing things. Goemon, a samurai master that carries a sword that can cut through anything. and Fujiko, a sexy master thief that is insanely crafty and selfish, but cool to keep around.

This video is an AMV. Awesome song backgrounding for and awesome anime clip


Vash the Stampede. The bumbling gunslinger just trying to escape the 60 billion double dallar bounty on his head. It's interesting because he's all about love and peace and never uses his gun to kill people. He always seems to get away in the end though. His twin brother Knives is out looking for him too. This show is awesome and you can really get lost in watching them. Amazing storyline amazing characters. Cast in a post-apocalyptic world that's very similar to the old American west. Great anime series. Vash is zany...but awesome nonetheless. This is the last 8 minutes of my favorite episode.

Cowboy Bebop

One of the greatest anime series ever created if not the greatest. Reknown for it's beautiful soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno. This series is about a group of bounty hunters in space on a spaceship named Bebop. The main characters are : Spike, a lone gunman of sorts that's usually the one that goes out to catch the bounties. Jet Black, a former cop that has more personl issues than an Oprah guest, He has a robotic arm and is the tech whiz of the crew. Ed, an old androgynous child that is a whiz with computers. Faye Velentine, a sexy gunman (gunwoman) that isn't a part of the crew but always seems to wind up running with them.

and just as an added extra Here's a video of Spike from Cowboy Bebop hunting Vash the Stampede for his bounty. The song in the background is a cool Japanese "rap" song. Can't understand a word but I like it.

Essay on being late

This is part of an essay I had to write for being late. Note the Sarcasm


With that being said the next question is why should I stay in the army, and the answer to which is very simple. If I were to get out before my ETS date most likely I will lose my GI Bill. Losing my GI Bill would be completely against the entire reason that I'm here so it would make the last 3 years of my life a waste (Except for the PRK of course). I am grateful that the army fixed my eyes for free. If I never joined the army I would still be wearing glasses. I digress, if there was a way to get out and keep my G.I. Bill I would take it. I wouldn't mind keeping the clearance too but just the GI Bill would suffice. Seeing as I haven't found a way yet I must stay until August 2012 and work out my contract.

Now that we understand why I'm here and why I should stay we can get into what the term "place of duty" means. Place of duty quite literally means a place that you are to perform your duties. Duties meaning things or tasks that you are required to do. Simply speaking if you don't make it to your place of duty then you will not be able to perform your duties. Duties being tasks that you are required to do. It could get quite serious if you don't make it to your place of duty. Imagine being a Nuclear Armament Handler or something, you don't make it to your place of duty then who will be responsible for handling those nuclear armaments while you are away from your post. Even something like a firefighter, you could be a fire engine driver. You show up late and the firemen need to be somewhere. How could they ever get there without their driver? Even if you take my case, for example, if you were to be doing a project that's due in two weeks and you show up 30 min. late with a good reason there could be dire consequences. There's absolutely no way 2 other people working on the same project could possibly get it done with only 8 hours per day when one in the group shows up late. Civilizations would crumble. Noone would want that.

Which takes me to my next point, why one shouldn't stray from the path of the good soldier. I always found it much easier to just go with the flow and do what you're told. It makes life much easier. Especially since a lot of people without good social skills tend to pigeonhole people. Also staying on the right path could get you promoted then you would never have to worry about anything. No more having to deal with superiors breathing down your neck and a nice pay raise. Being a bad soldier can only bring about calamity and strife. People whispering behind your back and watching you to see if they can be the first to snitch is only a few of the things that could come of being a bad soldier. Believe me having people whisper behind your back is quite annoying. Howevre it is not the end of the world.

Great Webcomics

I don't know about you but I love a good webcomic. I personally like a webcomic with a good storyline and characters that grow and all that good stuff. Like reading a good book...with pictures. Now I haven't read every webcomic out there but these are some of the Webcomics that I read on a pretty regular basis.


This is a great webcomic is written by R.K. Mulholland and he has quite a morbid/twisted sense of humor. I personally enjoy it. It's about the daily trials of a guy named Davin and his two female best friends, Aubrey and PeeJee. Later in the Comic Davin gets an amorphous cat named Choochoobear. Hilarity ensues.

Questionable Content

This is another great webcomic with a similar concept. Questionable Content is about the daily adventures of a guy named Marten and a woman he meets named Faye. Through Faye he meets Dora Bianchi a former Goth chick that slowly but surely becomes indie through the help of Marten and Faye. Marten has an AnthroPC named Pint-sized and yes...hilarity ensues. I've been reading these from comic one and he posts quite often. Currently I'm on 712. There's about 1400 comics posted to this day.

Ugly Hill

Another great webcomic, this one is written by Paul Southworth. Ugly Hill is about the misadventures of Eli Kilgore and his best friend Snug. Eli lives with his over achieving brother Hastings, who also has a myriad of ex-wives. The entire cast is made up of malformed monsters and everything is comical and over the top. Quite a fun read this webcomic is something I read at least once every other day when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed out.

Daisy Owl

This webcomic is strange but lovely. A bit existential. I'm not even 100% sure how to describe it. Each comic is something you would never think of. The artwork is simply amazing. The main characters are a little boy and a little girl, an owl that's their father, and a bear named Steve. I love it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Top 5 Creepy Little Girls

Aww..isn't she just the cutest little thing. Until her head starts spinning, she starts setting things on fire and eating babies. Why is it that little girls are the scariest things on the planet? Well if you make them scary. I mean think of your personal top 10 scary movies, the ones that make you not wanna sleep at night even though you have a nightlite and your teddy with you. I bet you that at least three of them feature creepy little girls.

Number 5

Now I know this may not be one of your favorite movies. I mean it was ok, but still the little girl in this movie definitely gave me night terrors. Creepy little mini-cunt. Sucking people into your little hellmaze of creepy horrors. And what's the deal with that pyramid head guy? I was cool with the zombie nurses...I mean I'm sure you started a fetish somewhere. But the pyramid head guy. They must have some good drugs in hell.

Number 4
The Shining

Yay a two-fer. Now these little demons aren't the whole movie but they just popped up at the perfect time to creep you the fuck out. Poor little boy...No noone wants to play with you, you creepy little half-pint demon bitches. people are way more fun than dead people.

Number 3
The Grudge

I had to add the Grudge. All that clicking and leaving hair everywhere. Materializing in the ceiling and fucking with people...that shit isn't funny. It's scary. Luckily I wasn't there. I would have just left. I have no interest in how you died, and just a note...scaring the shit out of me won't help peak my interest either. It was kinda cool how she walked down the stairs all crazy and the disappear/reappear thing. I'll give her that...I still hate her though. Her and her creepy ass little brother.

Number 2
The Ring/Ringu

Japanese people know how to make a scary movie. At least to scare the piss out of America. They go and bastardize two of America's greatest staples in one fell swoop, cellphones and TV. You watch a movie, you get a phone call, some creepy little bitch crawls out of your TV and then you die to death. Japan...we love you, but we also hate your fucking guts. Samarra, Sadako or whatever her name was has to be one of the creepiest little girls I've ever came across. And what's with that movie. Bees on the TV, jumping off a cliff, some woman brushing her hair, a ladder. I don't know what she was on at the time but wow.

Disclaimer-If after watching this you die in seven days...I had nothing to do with it. Seriously.

Number 1

The originator of the creepy little girl movie. The creepy little bitch that loves to pop up out of nowhere and screw up my youtube experience. We all know what happens...we all had nightmares. I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning and have to go to sleep soon so I'm not going to elaborate. Enjoy the video clip.'s an Extra one just for your enjoyment pleasure
Elfin Lied

I tried not to go into Anime too much. I'm not a big fan of tentacle rape and google with the safe search off is not even something I wanna try with the "creepy girl anime" combo. I have to go to sleep sometime. Elfin Lied...It's German for Elf song I think. I'm not 100% sure of what she's doing here but it's wrong...very wrong. I haven't seen the series yet so anyone out there that would like to elaborate please be my guest. I looked it up on Wikipedia and it sounds like it might be worth a watch. At least this video clip is interesting enough.

The Richest Man in Babylon

The one book that I would say opened my eyes and changed my life would have to be The Richest Man in Babylon. I mean it breaks down how to handle money in parable and bedtime stories. I'm sure even a child could read it and understand everything it teaches. If you plan on accumulating wealth (I don't know of anyone that isn't) I highly suggest reading it. I highly suggest purchasing it and reading it, however seeing as this information is priceless and I believe everyone from the richest man on earth to the poorest orphan child should be able to read this book go to and look up The Richest Man in Babylon and read it. I assure you that even after reading it for free you will be compelled to purchase the book to support the author. Also just because I love music so much I'll throw this in here.

German Music Videos...Awesome

OK everyone it is video promotion day, and today is dedicated to German music. German club music. Check it out.

This is Arbeit nervt by Deichkind. The song is basically saying "Work sucks, drink beer". At the end they remix it with some Mr Roboto\Queen mix. Also in the video these guys are taping open beers to their bodies and spraying them on the crowd. If that,s not awesome enough for you then you must be James Bond and Captain Kirk´s strange lovechild.

Ahh, Alex C and Y Ass. The ultimate houseparty. Now I´m not completely sold on house but in a club it makes for a great party. Especially this song. Ich Liebe Dritt is German for "I love threesomes"...seriously. You don´t believe me

yea that´s what I thought. No go ahead pick your jaw up off the floor...I´ll wait
Next is Peter Fox...

I like this guy. Even though I don´t really know what he´s saying it sounds good. Also he´s really huge in Berlin. good stuff.

VIVA COLONIA!!! This is like one of Germany's anthems. So yea grab a giant boot of beer and sing along.

Scahferlied. Another grab a beer and sing along song. Germans are good for those. It's all about good times beer andbeer wenches. Or maybe the beerwenches is something I added...Why not.

Well that´s all for today.

Whoa whoa...I almost did Germany a disservice. How dare I write a post about German club music and not add the one song that every german person knows all the lyrics to. I mean if this song is played at the Pub EVERYONE is singing along. It tripped me out at first but hey...they love it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Quentin Tarantino makes awesome movies

I love Quentin Tarantino movies...not every last one of them, but as a whole I'd sit through every movie he's ever made because the good ones far outweigh the bad ones. Besides it's a matter of personal taste. I think that Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies ever made. From the soundtrack to the quirky editing to the genius dialogue. All of it. And what makes it better is that when you sit down and try to recall the movie let's say to a friend it actually feels like Pulp Fiction was 3 awesome movies rolled into one. So if you don't like Pulp Fiction or any of QT's other great works then FUCK YOU. There...I said it.


Now I've told you before that I love two things women and money. I also said I would be posting random pictures of both. So today we have random pictures of asian women.

I don't know what it is about asian women but they're just so beautiful to me. I swear if I go to Japan I'd come back with kids, wives and concubines. Maybe it's just the exotic touch...

I had to add Nautica Thorn...I mean be honest men. The first of you without sin please cast the first stone

Who doesn't love Lucy Liu. I'm pretty sure she's one of the only reason's people actually went to see Charlie's angels...and thought for a split second that they just might check out Charlie's angels two. (Just a hint youtube Lucy Liu Charlie's angel's 2's a scene where she gives a backrub with her feet and then kills the guy. It's the whole movie in a few seconds.)

I had to add GOGO. She may not be the hottest asian ever but there's something to be respected and loved about a woman with a weapon...especially a medieval weapon. If you don't think that's sexy you should go to the restroom and check your underwear for a pulse.

Inconsiderate people

You know what I realized recently...people are inconsiderate as fuck. I mean I'm a sociopath but I don't just do inconsiderate things just to do them. If I do something inconsiderate I'm either getting paid or I'm getting some sort of personal enjoyment out of it.

So I'm at work today and in the bathroom I noticed a puddle of water under the urinals. I'm not Sherlock Holmes but I have some skill in deducing things so I noticed that one of the urinals were completely full. Some inconsiderate bum put tissue in the urinal. Now why would anyone do something so inconsiderate I ask...I seriously wanna know...think about it...I'll wait.
That's not all though. Not only was it full and had tissue in it, people continued to use aforementioned urinal until it leaked it's contents onto the floor. We all know someone has to clean it. Now it's not that I personally care, I'm not the head of bathroom maintenance. It's just that I had to suffer through an agonizing 5 minutes while relieving myself next to this ungodly site. So whoever you are I'd like to award you a punch in the face. Sadly I don't know who you are...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Women and money

If there's two things in this world that I love it would have to be women and money, and not necessarily in that order, and as such I will promise to post images of both with regularity. One more thing I can't live without other than the basic necessities of life would have to be music. being eclectic I love songs from every genre from go-go to techno from alternative rock to rap. I also love intelligent debate. I also have a thing for semi-intelligent debate as well so don't worry. I'm a jack-of-all trades so I have an interest in anything and everything from Aardvarks to Zylophones. So, back to women and money...I love them both.

Number One

This is the first posting of the Dialectic Eclecticist. Welcome to my personal blog where I ramble on about the many things that enter my brain. I chose the name because it fits.

Dialectic (Adj)- of, pertaining to, or of the nature of logical argumentation.

Eclectic (Adj)- not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

Eclecticist (N)- person who follows an eclectic method, as in philosophy or architecture.

So expect any number of random yet beautiful things to appear...Enjoy.