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Friday, April 24, 2009


Now I've told you before that I love two things women and money. I also said I would be posting random pictures of both. So today we have random pictures of asian women.

I don't know what it is about asian women but they're just so beautiful to me. I swear if I go to Japan I'd come back with kids, wives and concubines. Maybe it's just the exotic touch...

I had to add Nautica Thorn...I mean be honest men. The first of you without sin please cast the first stone

Who doesn't love Lucy Liu. I'm pretty sure she's one of the only reason's people actually went to see Charlie's angels...and thought for a split second that they just might check out Charlie's angels two. (Just a hint youtube Lucy Liu Charlie's angel's 2's a scene where she gives a backrub with her feet and then kills the guy. It's the whole movie in a few seconds.)

I had to add GOGO. She may not be the hottest asian ever but there's something to be respected and loved about a woman with a weapon...especially a medieval weapon. If you don't think that's sexy you should go to the restroom and check your underwear for a pulse.

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