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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Top 5 Creepy Little Girls

Aww..isn't she just the cutest little thing. Until her head starts spinning, she starts setting things on fire and eating babies. Why is it that little girls are the scariest things on the planet? Well if you make them scary. I mean think of your personal top 10 scary movies, the ones that make you not wanna sleep at night even though you have a nightlite and your teddy with you. I bet you that at least three of them feature creepy little girls.

Number 5

Now I know this may not be one of your favorite movies. I mean it was ok, but still the little girl in this movie definitely gave me night terrors. Creepy little mini-cunt. Sucking people into your little hellmaze of creepy horrors. And what's the deal with that pyramid head guy? I was cool with the zombie nurses...I mean I'm sure you started a fetish somewhere. But the pyramid head guy. They must have some good drugs in hell.

Number 4
The Shining

Yay a two-fer. Now these little demons aren't the whole movie but they just popped up at the perfect time to creep you the fuck out. Poor little boy...No noone wants to play with you, you creepy little half-pint demon bitches. people are way more fun than dead people.

Number 3
The Grudge

I had to add the Grudge. All that clicking and leaving hair everywhere. Materializing in the ceiling and fucking with people...that shit isn't funny. It's scary. Luckily I wasn't there. I would have just left. I have no interest in how you died, and just a note...scaring the shit out of me won't help peak my interest either. It was kinda cool how she walked down the stairs all crazy and the disappear/reappear thing. I'll give her that...I still hate her though. Her and her creepy ass little brother.

Number 2
The Ring/Ringu

Japanese people know how to make a scary movie. At least to scare the piss out of America. They go and bastardize two of America's greatest staples in one fell swoop, cellphones and TV. You watch a movie, you get a phone call, some creepy little bitch crawls out of your TV and then you die to death. Japan...we love you, but we also hate your fucking guts. Samarra, Sadako or whatever her name was has to be one of the creepiest little girls I've ever came across. And what's with that movie. Bees on the TV, jumping off a cliff, some woman brushing her hair, a ladder. I don't know what she was on at the time but wow.

Disclaimer-If after watching this you die in seven days...I had nothing to do with it. Seriously.

Number 1

The originator of the creepy little girl movie. The creepy little bitch that loves to pop up out of nowhere and screw up my youtube experience. We all know what happens...we all had nightmares. I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning and have to go to sleep soon so I'm not going to elaborate. Enjoy the video clip.'s an Extra one just for your enjoyment pleasure
Elfin Lied

I tried not to go into Anime too much. I'm not a big fan of tentacle rape and google with the safe search off is not even something I wanna try with the "creepy girl anime" combo. I have to go to sleep sometime. Elfin Lied...It's German for Elf song I think. I'm not 100% sure of what she's doing here but it's wrong...very wrong. I haven't seen the series yet so anyone out there that would like to elaborate please be my guest. I looked it up on Wikipedia and it sounds like it might be worth a watch. At least this video clip is interesting enough.

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