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Sunday, April 26, 2009

German Music Videos...Awesome

OK everyone it is video promotion day, and today is dedicated to German music. German club music. Check it out.

This is Arbeit nervt by Deichkind. The song is basically saying "Work sucks, drink beer". At the end they remix it with some Mr Roboto\Queen mix. Also in the video these guys are taping open beers to their bodies and spraying them on the crowd. If that,s not awesome enough for you then you must be James Bond and Captain Kirk´s strange lovechild.

Ahh, Alex C and Y Ass. The ultimate houseparty. Now I´m not completely sold on house but in a club it makes for a great party. Especially this song. Ich Liebe Dritt is German for "I love threesomes"...seriously. You don´t believe me

yea that´s what I thought. No go ahead pick your jaw up off the floor...I´ll wait
Next is Peter Fox...

I like this guy. Even though I don´t really know what he´s saying it sounds good. Also he´s really huge in Berlin. good stuff.

VIVA COLONIA!!! This is like one of Germany's anthems. So yea grab a giant boot of beer and sing along.

Scahferlied. Another grab a beer and sing along song. Germans are good for those. It's all about good times beer andbeer wenches. Or maybe the beerwenches is something I added...Why not.

Well that´s all for today.

Whoa whoa...I almost did Germany a disservice. How dare I write a post about German club music and not add the one song that every german person knows all the lyrics to. I mean if this song is played at the Pub EVERYONE is singing along. It tripped me out at first but hey...they love it.

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  1. damn these videos are off the chain, and that translation is crazy, I loves it!!. they really jam out there, who would have thought..