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Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Webcomics

I don't know about you but I love a good webcomic. I personally like a webcomic with a good storyline and characters that grow and all that good stuff. Like reading a good book...with pictures. Now I haven't read every webcomic out there but these are some of the Webcomics that I read on a pretty regular basis.


This is a great webcomic is written by R.K. Mulholland and he has quite a morbid/twisted sense of humor. I personally enjoy it. It's about the daily trials of a guy named Davin and his two female best friends, Aubrey and PeeJee. Later in the Comic Davin gets an amorphous cat named Choochoobear. Hilarity ensues.

Questionable Content

This is another great webcomic with a similar concept. Questionable Content is about the daily adventures of a guy named Marten and a woman he meets named Faye. Through Faye he meets Dora Bianchi a former Goth chick that slowly but surely becomes indie through the help of Marten and Faye. Marten has an AnthroPC named Pint-sized and yes...hilarity ensues. I've been reading these from comic one and he posts quite often. Currently I'm on 712. There's about 1400 comics posted to this day.

Ugly Hill

Another great webcomic, this one is written by Paul Southworth. Ugly Hill is about the misadventures of Eli Kilgore and his best friend Snug. Eli lives with his over achieving brother Hastings, who also has a myriad of ex-wives. The entire cast is made up of malformed monsters and everything is comical and over the top. Quite a fun read this webcomic is something I read at least once every other day when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed out.

Daisy Owl

This webcomic is strange but lovely. A bit existential. I'm not even 100% sure how to describe it. Each comic is something you would never think of. The artwork is simply amazing. The main characters are a little boy and a little girl, an owl that's their father, and a bear named Steve. I love it.

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