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Monday, April 27, 2009

Essay on being late

This is part of an essay I had to write for being late. Note the Sarcasm


With that being said the next question is why should I stay in the army, and the answer to which is very simple. If I were to get out before my ETS date most likely I will lose my GI Bill. Losing my GI Bill would be completely against the entire reason that I'm here so it would make the last 3 years of my life a waste (Except for the PRK of course). I am grateful that the army fixed my eyes for free. If I never joined the army I would still be wearing glasses. I digress, if there was a way to get out and keep my G.I. Bill I would take it. I wouldn't mind keeping the clearance too but just the GI Bill would suffice. Seeing as I haven't found a way yet I must stay until August 2012 and work out my contract.

Now that we understand why I'm here and why I should stay we can get into what the term "place of duty" means. Place of duty quite literally means a place that you are to perform your duties. Duties meaning things or tasks that you are required to do. Simply speaking if you don't make it to your place of duty then you will not be able to perform your duties. Duties being tasks that you are required to do. It could get quite serious if you don't make it to your place of duty. Imagine being a Nuclear Armament Handler or something, you don't make it to your place of duty then who will be responsible for handling those nuclear armaments while you are away from your post. Even something like a firefighter, you could be a fire engine driver. You show up late and the firemen need to be somewhere. How could they ever get there without their driver? Even if you take my case, for example, if you were to be doing a project that's due in two weeks and you show up 30 min. late with a good reason there could be dire consequences. There's absolutely no way 2 other people working on the same project could possibly get it done with only 8 hours per day when one in the group shows up late. Civilizations would crumble. Noone would want that.

Which takes me to my next point, why one shouldn't stray from the path of the good soldier. I always found it much easier to just go with the flow and do what you're told. It makes life much easier. Especially since a lot of people without good social skills tend to pigeonhole people. Also staying on the right path could get you promoted then you would never have to worry about anything. No more having to deal with superiors breathing down your neck and a nice pay raise. Being a bad soldier can only bring about calamity and strife. People whispering behind your back and watching you to see if they can be the first to snitch is only a few of the things that could come of being a bad soldier. Believe me having people whisper behind your back is quite annoying. Howevre it is not the end of the world.

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