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Monday, April 27, 2009

My 3 favorite Anime series.

I'm not a huge anime fan but I do have a few anime series that I love to watch, and to day I'm going to share three of them with you.

Lupin The Third

This anime series is about a world reknown thief named Lupin the third and his gang of thievesas they go on adventures stealing things and escaping from Interpol Dectetive Zenigata. I personally like thieves so this series is especially fun to watch. The main reason is because it's so insanely comical. Also I mean I don't know what decade the Japanese people who made this series were basing the characters on but a cool white guy with chops is Awesome. Lupin the Third just always seems like a complete idiot that's in over his head until the end when you realize that he pulled a fast one on everybody, even his own teammates at times. The main characters are: Lupin the Third, the third family member in a series of world reknown thieves. Jigen, Lupin's weaponssmith, he is a master at anything that fires projectiles which I guess comes in handy when stealing things. Goemon, a samurai master that carries a sword that can cut through anything. and Fujiko, a sexy master thief that is insanely crafty and selfish, but cool to keep around.

This video is an AMV. Awesome song backgrounding for and awesome anime clip


Vash the Stampede. The bumbling gunslinger just trying to escape the 60 billion double dallar bounty on his head. It's interesting because he's all about love and peace and never uses his gun to kill people. He always seems to get away in the end though. His twin brother Knives is out looking for him too. This show is awesome and you can really get lost in watching them. Amazing storyline amazing characters. Cast in a post-apocalyptic world that's very similar to the old American west. Great anime series. Vash is zany...but awesome nonetheless. This is the last 8 minutes of my favorite episode.

Cowboy Bebop

One of the greatest anime series ever created if not the greatest. Reknown for it's beautiful soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno. This series is about a group of bounty hunters in space on a spaceship named Bebop. The main characters are : Spike, a lone gunman of sorts that's usually the one that goes out to catch the bounties. Jet Black, a former cop that has more personl issues than an Oprah guest, He has a robotic arm and is the tech whiz of the crew. Ed, an old androgynous child that is a whiz with computers. Faye Velentine, a sexy gunman (gunwoman) that isn't a part of the crew but always seems to wind up running with them.

and just as an added extra Here's a video of Spike from Cowboy Bebop hunting Vash the Stampede for his bounty. The song in the background is a cool Japanese "rap" song. Can't understand a word but I like it.

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